We are dedicated photographers on a mission to shine light on global issues through the lens of photography. We believe photography is a universal language, being able to communicate and bring people together regardless of their background.  By interviewing impactful and creative photographers from around the world, we explore their work and what it conveys as well as the issues it is depicting. Through this we hope to raise awareness and show the power of using photography as a medium. This project is run by Finley Braund and Matias Paz Linares who are passionate photographers themselves, wishing to use their passion of photography to help make a difference. We hope that other people get inspired, become appreciative of the diverse cultures and develop awareness of pressing global issues through the lens of photography. 


Please contact us with any queries or if you wish to get your work featured on the site; we are always happy to discover new artists and help spread the word about pressing world issues.

Hope you enjoy. 


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